Gravel Worlds 2016: Eating Soup with a Knife

Three weeks ago, I called Nebraska’s premier gravel cycling race a “dusty, dragon-sized hairdryer.” A “150-mile hot scream.” Well, Gravel Worlds 2016 proved neither dusty nor hot. A cold front brought an inch of rain the evening prior, then pushed highs down into the mid-70s. The wind blew, but mercifully cool. And only the Pirate … More Gravel Worlds 2016: Eating Soup with a Knife

Cycling Hack #001

I don’t get many flats. That’s thanks to a good luck and good tires. (If you must know: Schwalbe Mondials and Sammy Slicks.) I haven’t jumped onto the tubeless wagon for the simple fact that tubes haven’t given me enough trouble to give it much thought. Then came last week. I hit a roofing nail … More Cycling Hack #001

The Road Not Traveled

Check out these awesome photos from what was probably the Lincoln Abrahams’ last major training ride before Gravel Roads 2016. Addison’s missing in these photos because he took them. I’m missing because I wasn’t there. (Ouch!) Our group training rides are so much fun, it’s painful to miss even one. (I admit I like them … More The Road Not Traveled