Gallery of Dirt

Some people race for finish lines, we race for tan lines. Dirt Tan lines. We know you got ’em. Send us your best dirt tan photos and a little about how you got them, here.

Solstice Gravel Grinder, 2019


Gravel Worlds, 2018


Peter Welsch of St. Louis Park, MN was pretty tan before 150 miles of Gravel Worlds.



May look like a smudge to the untrained eye. We know it’s a grease tat. Our youngest was pretty proud.



Ain’t no tattoo like a grease tattoo. Solstice 100, 2018

Dirty Kanza, 2018


Dirty Kanza, 2017



Cornhusker State Games, July 29, 2017

Team after

Mike wins first in the dirt tan category.

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