Entering Ludicrous Speed

Thousands of Husker fans recently added “rhabdomyolysis” to their vocabularies after the recent hospitalization of two football players during winter conditioning. Fortunately, both players are recovering well, but it’s dangerous stuff. “Rhabdo” develops after periods of extreme exertion when enough muscle cells die, break down and essentially poison your bloodstream. Your kidneys jump to filter … More Entering Ludicrous Speed

Anticipation Size XL

(Graphic, dirtykanza.com) If you’re not jazzed up for this year’s Dirty Kanza, you have 18 weeks to get with the program. Here are three reasons why I’m already in a tizzy to head to Emporia in June. For one, it’s my chance for a little redemption. Last year’s course slashed my tire at mile 34, … More Anticipation Size XL

On Looking

(Photo, sugoi.com) Ever since Randy died, riding a bike has been different. I haven’t been afraid, exactly. Nor frantic. Just edgy. A gravel road I don’t know well will come to a T, and there I am—staring at the kind of paved, shoulderless county road I no longer want. And I have to decide what … More On Looking

Words on Threads

So the team got some new kits here this fall. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Now, there’s a lake of difference between “a guy who can sorta draw” and a graphic designer. And I’m in the former category. So it took some serious paddling to get from my first sketches to the … More Words on Threads


I won’t pretend I knew Randy Gibson better than I did. It’s just that everything I did know about him, I looked up to. Randy was struck and killed yesterday evening by a drunk driver on Sprague Road southwest of Lincoln, out near Bluestem Lake. Like nearly every other Lincolnite who rides bikes on country … More Randy

Thoughts (and prayers) on Gravel Worlds 2017

Plenty of things about Gravel Worlds make me shake in my cleats. There’s the distance: 150 miles out (and two miles up). There’s the late-August heat (and the late-season fatigue). The gravel itself isn’t the tire-eating stuff you find outside Emporia, but it can lull you into problems—convince you it’s packed and fast, then go … More Thoughts (and prayers) on Gravel Worlds 2017

Not the Plan

Abes are all smiles before the start. Working orders My orders for the Cornhusker State Games’ 104-mile gravel grinder were to set up Iron Man Eric Vacek to go for the “Dirt Rouleur Award.” That’s CSG’s tip-of-the-cap for the cyclist with the fastest combined time between the cat 1 mountain bike race on one weekend … More Not the Plan

Hats Off to Mr. Chainsaw Man (and other observations from the first-ever Solstice 100)

I didn’t write after Dirty Kanza because, well, I didn’t want to linger there. My race started great. My legs felt strong. For 90 minutes, the bike did just what I told. And then it didn’t. In a single downstroke on dry roads, my derailleur jumped ship and buried its humiliated head in my spokes. … More Hats Off to Mr. Chainsaw Man (and other observations from the first-ever Solstice 100)