I’ve Already Told You More than I Know

An advice column for gravel cyclists Well, cycling fans, it’s happened. Dirt Tan Bike Club has reached what motivational speakers call “a tipping point.” Together, after a couple years of internet tomfoolery and self-deprecating bike humor, we’ve reached a sufficient audience that, every now and again, a stranger will turn to us for “expert” advice. … More I’ve Already Told You More than I Know

The Central Question

Gravel cyclists get all aflutter over the tiniest questions. Are 1x drivetrains the future or another dark ploy to make you feel bad about the bike you already own? Are aerobars good for the sport or love handles for lazy cheaters? Don’t get us started… But the most important question in gravel cycling is a … More The Central Question

Mirror, Mirror

Last year at this time, I looked into the mirror and told myself I was finally ready for DK. After ignorance left me utterly unprepared in 2016, I considered all the work I’d done to make myself strong enough to race it right in 2017. The pre-dawn workouts. The miles. The sweat and soreness. I … More Mirror, Mirror

Hell Week Cometh

All right, then, I’ll go to hell. -Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn If you take one thing from Twain, let it be a willingness to give it hell. My last three springs have involved training for the Dirty Kanza 200—maybe the most sadistic single-day event you’ll find in cycling. It’s 200 miles of … More Hell Week Cometh

Wardrobe Upgrades

Good things happen to me when other people train hard. Thanks to some generous hand-me-downs from two Killeen brothers, half my work wardrobe is now made of clothes that were too big to fit my fitter friends. (Their weight loss is my gain.) I haven’t bought a nice shirt in years, but if they keep … More Wardrobe Upgrades

Filling Vacuums

I drove my dad to Minneapolis last fall. My younger brother had bought a new house, and we were coming (ostensibly) to help him move. My dad could barely walk at this point; such was his arthritis and back and nerve trouble. The scooter bouncing along on the back of the pickup was a clue … More Filling Vacuums

Entering Ludicrous Speed

Thousands of Husker fans recently added “rhabdomyolysis” to their vocabularies after the recent hospitalization of two football players during winter conditioning. Fortunately, both players are recovering well, but it’s dangerous stuff. “Rhabdo” develops after periods of extreme exertion when enough muscle cells die, break down and essentially poison your bloodstream. Your kidneys jump to filter … More Entering Ludicrous Speed