Where Else?

About 80 miles into our Sunday morning, the difficulties of riding with the Drs. Killeen were starting to pile high. Some things were looking up. * We’d already cleared those relentless rollers that make riding Church Road something of a religious experience. (I need a ruling. Is it OK to miss church to ride Church?) … More Where Else?

Who Do You Trust?

The great thing about a rookie cyclocross season is the awareness that you can get a whole lot better than you are now. I’m learning a lot, not just with each race, but with each lap. By the fourth lap of my third race, I felt things click. I never saw the results or lap … More Who Do You Trust?

Of Ironmen and Skunks

This is a blog about gravel cycling, not politics, thank gosh. But during the second presidential debate, somewhere around the moment when one candidate promised, if elected, to jail the other, I felt a pang that I can only compare to the lowest moments of an endurance race. This is that dark place. This is … More Of Ironmen and Skunks