Sink to the Level

My favorite flavor of Kool-Aid is Husker. And let me tell you, I drink the Kool-Aid all summer long in order to be good and ready come football season. Flavor: Husker red (Image, With no football to write about, the Journal Star’s Husker beat writers spent their summer covering a subject even nearer a … More Sink to the Level

Thoughts (and prayers) on Gravel Worlds 2017

Plenty of things about Gravel Worlds make me shake in my cleats. There’s the distance: 150 miles out (and two miles up). There’s the late-August heat (and the late-season fatigue). The gravel itself isn’t the tire-eating stuff you find outside Emporia, but it can lull you into problems—convince you it’s packed and fast, then go … More Thoughts (and prayers) on Gravel Worlds 2017