DK200 2017 Updates

It’s here gravel grinders, the premiere cycling event of the year — DK200! Eric is off preparing so I (Eric’s wife and part of the Abe’s support crew) will be stepping into keep the blog updated with all of the day’s highs and lows. Our Lincoln Abrahams are in Emporia, KS already soaking up the … More DK200 2017 Updates

Long Odds, Cruel Ends

There’s a woe-is-me Homer Simpson quote I’ve never forgotten: “Sick on a weekend … What are the odds—one in 10,000?” It’s easy to see random misfortune as darkly cosmic. Our cars fail to start “at the worst possible moment.” What we usually mean by “worst possible moment” is simply “now.” And misfortune can’t help but … More Long Odds, Cruel Ends