DK200 2017 Updates


It’s here gravel grinders, the premiere cycling event of the year — DK200! Eric is off preparing so I (Eric’s wife and part of the Abe’s support crew) will be stepping into keep the blog updated with all of the day’s highs and lows.

Our Lincoln Abrahams are in Emporia, KS already soaking up the race energy and preparing for 200 miles in the flint hills.


A packed house where the riders learned how not to make race director Jim angry.

If you’re curious about how they make it all work, you can watch the rider’s meeting here. A supportive community in Emporia, hundreds of volunteers and generous land-owners are the only reason the DK has been able to thrive over the last twelve years.


Getting familiar with the local flora and fauna.


Loading up.

Good luck to all the riders tomorrow. Be safe and go get it!

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