Havoc Wreaked

After thirty four miles of absolutely sending it, the perils of gravel racing took Eric down. He slashed a tire on a flint rock and switched to a tube, losing several minutes. He got up and going again only to rip off his derailleur a hundred yards later.


A very expensive paperweight.

He eventually got his bike switched over to a single speed (thanks, Vacek) but had another flat and no CO2 to fix it.


Flint: 1, Tire: 0

Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes the bar eats you. Eric’s DK ended at mile 34, but with a change of clothes and teammates to support, he’s in good spirits.

Marty and Tony are kicking course butt coming into checkpoint two around 12:20p. Marty looked a little pale to these eyes, but the rest of the team promises it’s mostly sunscreen.

It’s a team effort.

All told, they spent about ten minutes to rest and refuel. They looked strong, but lots of people still look ok at Checkpoint two (am I wrong?). Checkpoint three is where stories are told and that’s where we’re waiting now.


A gigantic Abe and an amazing team. Lincoln bedroom? Try Lincoln pit stop.

More later.

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